Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rob Liefield's Watchmen 2

"This just in: Watchmen” creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have just signed Rob Liefeld to write and illustrate the sequel to their all-time great graphic novel! I was able to obtain a sneak preview of the upcoming cover:

"I feel the extra costuming elements really add something to the characters; I know I look forward to seeing what’s in all those pouches, at least. And I got so tired of those Gibbons backgrounds, so full of detail and meaning. Give me good old-fashioned color gradients with lots of random lines hatching across it any day!

I also feel the change in writing duties bodes well, because who wants to spend all that time talking about history and relationships and blah blah blah? I say every page should be a splash page featuring The Watchmen jumping out of a helicopter in order to fight an opposing group of other super-powered characters, like maybe the zombie corpse of Moloch shooting laser beams from his undead eyes!!1!

This definitely is going to rock, I can’t wait to read it."

(All above text borrowed from source)

This was another fun hoax that probably caused at least one person to almost choke on a sandwich

SOURCE: Watchmen Sequel Announced (HeroMachine)


  1. Man, I loved. Iwould buy something like this.

  2. This intrigued me at first, but it smelled funny. My B.S. meter was going off the charts.
    Saying that, I would've still bought it.