Monday, March 9, 2009

Young Watchmen: Animated Adventures (HOAX)


"The world is a very different place in the year 2085, but teen-agers still have to grow up, and the bad guys still need to be taken down!

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Warner Premiere announced today a way for young viewers to connect with one of the most acclaimed graphic novels of all time. “Young Watchmen: The Animated Adventures” draws inspiration from the source material to bring a visually engaging experience to life through the timeless medium of children’s animation!

Young Watchmen returns viewers to the world of the critically acclaimed DC Comics and Hugo award-winning graphic novel by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons…100 years later! When not attending classes at Veidt High, OWLBOY, KID RORSCHACH, SPECTRA, JOHNNY COMEDY, and MANHA-TEEN have banded together to protect the world that their ancestors saved! With the help of OZZY, the World’s Smartest Lynx, they learn to work together, cruise the cyber-malls, and hang out at the nearest Gunga Diner…that is, when they’re not battling Alien Invaders, Supervillains, or the evil hordes of M.O.L.O.C.H.! These young descendants of the original Watchmen have vowed to carry on their legacy and protect the world at all costs. Who watches The Young Watchmen? YOU WILL!"

WATCHMEME: while the photoshop wasn't amazing this was a funny hoax that got some people pretty worried before it was exposed as a joke.

SOURCE: Warner Announces Young Watchmen: The Animated Adventures* (Again With the Comics)

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